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Ever wonder what the mortgage process looks like?

Through the design magic of infographics, I've attempted to provide a visual map of the sequence of events that unfolds behind the scenes to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars into your escrow bucket at the designated time!

Step 2

Discover more about the role of the processor and underwriter in the loan process.

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Step 4

You're close to the finish line! Learn more about the underwriter's final approval and possible bumps you may encounter.

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Step 6

Learn more about the loan funding process and final documentation processing.

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Step 1

Read more about which documents are required to complete your loan application.

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Step 3

See how the property appraisal can affect your loan size or rate.

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Step 5

Find out more about how the escrow officer referees the final transactions.

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One week after the 2016 election, what does this mean for Portland Real estate?

Short video explaining how the mortgage bond market works, and how the suprise election results will impact things moving forward. Specifically in the Portland area real estate markets. 

Down payment assistance for buyers who qualify

The National Homebuyers Fund has been providing down payment assistance grants to home buyers in the Portland area for YEARS!  The PDX Home Loan team has partnered with the NHF to help provide all possible opportunites for great buyers who simply dont' have...

How to tell if your taxes are included in your mortgage

It's that time of year again!  Late October in Oregon.  Time for all the non-Multnomah county residents to pat themselves on the back and temporarily feel superior, and bask in the glow of their money savings for a couple weeks.  Property taxes are now certified for...