Mortgage 101: Financial Planning

Why do I need to plan my financial life?

If you don't begin with your "end" in mind, how will you know when you have arrived? A plan simply focuses your actions today and orients you toward what you want.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is simple. Financial planning is also ridiculously complicated. We are all financial planners whether we know it or not. As a mortgage professional, I also consider myself to be a KIND of financial planner. My clients and I always prepare these mortgages, and we plan on paying them! We also talk about ways to improve their credit scores, we talk about the value of paying off certain debts, or keeping certain debts as scheduled. We talk about ways to leverage real estate more effectively, and we talk about ways to buy investment properties.

Financial planning is not buying stocks. Financial planning is simply preparing for inevitable contingencies in life.

What will you do if…

  • You lose your job?
  • You are physically incapacitated?
  • You are unable to work due to injury or disease?
  • You have children?
  • You become old and want to retire?

There are simple solutions to all of these things, but many of us simply procrastinate and ignore for too long. It can be so empowering and such a relief to have a gameplan for these inevitable events in life. People fail to act because they are afraid to make a mistake. When the mistake is actually failing to act.

I want all of my clients to have a relationship with a professional financial planner. I can’t stress how important this is. I am constantly baffled by how common it is for extremely conscientious, professional, well meaning people have no financial planner in their lives. Finding a good financial planner is like having someone hand you a briefcase full of cash and walking away.

I’m only kind of joking. I am a mortgage professional, but I just believe in simple planning. Its worth SO MUCH, and the relative cost is SO LITTLE.

As an extension of my commitment to providing that extra nudge towards professional planning. All of my clients get access to an online personal financial coaching platform called “My Financial Independence Coach.”

And I’m offering you access to this tool right now. 

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