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When you work with us as buyers, we will equip you with the best tools available. One of the coolest things we have found is something called the “pre-approve me app”.

This is a mobile app that puts a mortgage calculator on to your smart phone.  But it’s a mortgage calculator that actually WORKS- because it’s based on YOUR actual rates and product options.

Once we have a loan application in our system, we can create a custom calculator for your mobile phone that includes the appropriate RATES, mortgage insurance factors, and potential loan programs.  Additionally, the calculator/app will include your qualifying monthly income and debts.

So when you are curious about a property- simply plug in the purchase price, add your down payment percentage of your choice and it will tell you a VERY accurate monthly payment estimate as well as if it is in your qualifying range.

If you qualify, you’ll be able to produce official pre-approval letters ON DEMAND- and instantaneously. 


This gives home shoppers ultimate clarity, as well as speed to market.  If you are in a competitive situation, how you present your offer is key.  Having a legit, signed pre-approval letter from us to accompany your offer sets the tone and can give you an edge. 

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