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Identify your 4 Blind Spots

Avoid falling into dangerous financial patterns.

 Work with us to assess your financial behavior and create simple strategies that play to your strengths. 

4 Blind Spots

Nobody is perfect.  Particularly in the world of personal finance.  We have found that there are 4 common categories for peoples financial shortcomings.  Once you understand these 4 "Blind Spots", we can take steps to mitigate and avoid them in the future.  Our process is designed to help you see the BIGGER PICTURE. 

Find out your financial behaviors.

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1Lack of a Plan

4 Blind Spots Image Lack of a Plan

Many financial problems can be traced back to this as it's root problem, and planning can be SO simple if you allow it to be. We will asses the last time you have thought about retirement planning, and/or any kind of emergency planning. I am not compensated for any services other than mortgage origination. It is simply our process to open up dialogue and possibly connect you to other experts (see Blind Spot #4). Learn More

2Lack of Fiscal Literacy

4 Blind Spots Image Lack of Fiscal Literacy

Lack of fiscal literacy is the problem also described as "you don't know what you don't know". The truest BLIND SPOT of the 4 Blind Spots. The financial industry does an amazing job of creating its own language, and learning the lingo is a huge barrier of entry to most of us. Our unique process will help shine some light into these darker corners, and empower you to move forward more confidently. Learn More

3Inefficiently Storing Money

4 Blind Spots Image Inefficiently Storing Money

Our process will account for the costs of every debt over time, and compare it to the value of any cash you have saved elsewhere. We will look at the TOTAL cost of debts over a given time frame. We will analyze the total cost of a given mortgage package over time, and help make sure our plan matches your goals. We will also not be chasing "rates"- our process will identify cash flow efficiency, and powerful savings strategy. Learn More

4Lack of a Wealth Team

4 Blind Spots Image Lack of a Wealth Team

A team of professionals that can help you is worth its weight in gold. Would you think that the wealthiest people you know do everything themselves, do their own research, and make their own decisions? Helping with collaborating with your current team, and introducing you to other top financial professionals is a key value added element to our service. Learn More

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