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Citizens of America have been improperly taught how to shop for mortgages.

With mortgages themselves becoming increasingly commoditized, the Aspire mortgage group has distinguished itself by helping clients see the bigger financial picture. The mortgage rate, the APR, and the associated fees of a given mortgage are critically important.  And if that is all you are comparing, it becomes a race to the bottom- only concerned about nickles, dimes, and feeling like you are getting the lowest cost. 

The borrowSMART process will educate you about ALL the costs and benefits of how your mortgage fits into your financial picture.  If you are shopping for a mortgage, is your lender considering:

  • The opportunity cost of your available cash over time
  • The fees and mortgage interest, combined with the principal reduction
  • The cost of any other consumer debts versus the return of paying them off or down
  • The potential tax benefits
  • The leveraged market appreciation - OVER the proper time window? 

If not, then you are NOT getting the borrowSMART advantage. 

Our rates and fees are always competitive, but the value created by our strategy and analysis is how we help our clients win.

Find out your financial behaviors.

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Our process is designed to help you understand and AVOID the 4 blind-spots on the road to financial success.

  • Is your lender identifying holes in your over all financial plan?
  • Does your lender have high level relationships with other financial service providers?
  • Does your lender know how and when to surround you with the proper support?

If not, then I’m sorry to report that you are NOT getting the borrowSMART advantage.

  • Does your lender have a system in place to make your offer stand out from the others in a competitive buying situation?
  • Is the listing agent receiving a phone call on your behalf?
  • Is the listing agent receiving a letter to the home seller that describes how the mortgage process will unfold for them if they accept YOUR offer?

If you are not getting this, then you are NOT receiving the borrowSMART advantage.

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