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How Does the mortgage process work?

Want to know what happens behind the scenes when you get a mortgage from a lender? Learn the language of real estate financing and what to expect with this helpful infographic.

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Our Borrow Smart Philosophy

Mortgages are so much more than simple rates and fees. With the borrowSMART process, we account for the rate, the fees, the tax benefits, the principal reductions, the leveraged real estate asset value over time, and the opportunity cost of the money used. Find out if you could be SAVING today!

4 Blind Spots to Financial Security

Our roots are in personal finance coaching. Through thousands of hours of observation, we have identified common financial problems that everyone seems to have. The 4 blind spots is an easy way to categorize and work towards SOLVING these problems for families.
  • Lack of a Plan

    Less than a third of us have ever made any kind of meaningful financial plan.

  • Storing Money in Inefficient Places

    As money flows into the household, families face difficult decisions on how to prioritize where their hard earned money should go.

  • Lack of Fiscal Literacy

    Many consumers don’t learn the importance of saving, investing and budgeting while they’re growing up.

  • Lack of a Wealth Team

    Many consumers don’t have support in making money decisions throughout the year.

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Featured Posts from James Adair's Mortgage Blog

Our new credit environment is fast becoming one of extremely rigid guidelines.  Your ability to obtain a mortgage is dependent on the financial scenario presented in the loan application.  Think of this application as a snapshot of your existing circumstance.  If there are any material changes to this picture, it can mean the difference between having a loan approved, and having it declined.


***SPOILER ALERT***  I'm not an economist, or statistician.  I'm a Portland area mortgage lender, and Portland area home owner, as well as a Portland area landlord.  So I feel I'm writing this as an interested bystander with a ring side view of the action.  My team and I participate in anywhere from 5-15 purchase transactions per month as of late, so I certainly have some high level anecdotal information to bring to bear here.

A realtor colleague of mine was recently relating his shock to me about how often he is talking to renters who aren't considering buying real estate because they are under the impression that a purchase requires a 20% down payment.  This idea couldn't be further from the truth, and this message is sadly often relayed on TV from uninformed talking heads and people who are obviously not real estate professionals.  I'm here to tell you the truth, dear blog reader!  Isn't that why you read blogs?!